Rotterdam Routes also celebrates the city!

Three new routes were launched during the festive kick-off of the cultural event “Rotterdam celebrates the city!” In honor of this event, which is entirely dedicated to 75 years of reconstruction, we have developed these routes to celebrate the versatile and lively city with ditto inhabitants.

We have added a bicycle, walking and children’s route. Nice news, because cycling has never been done with the route app and it is the first time that a walking route has been specially developed for and by children.

The routes take you past characteristic buildings and places in the city and the striking reconstruction buildings that the city is rich in are discussed. Until July 31, laser projections can be viewed there, the so-called “Head Lights”. The stories and the routes give you a good idea of ​​how the city has developed over the years into a versatile and lively city. The walking and cycling route take about one and a half to two hours. With the bicycle route you also divert to the different neighborhoods outside the center.

The children’s route was created in collaboration with youth magazine BoekieBoekie. Children tell what it is like to live in a big city like Rotterdam. Their stories are interspersed with fun facts and facts about the city. The route consists of four stages of about an hour each and can be walked separately. Of course you can also choose to walk everything or take public transport to the next stage.

The new routes are now available in the app!