Rotterdam Rooftops

Rotterdam has 14.5 million m² of empty flat roofs, 1 million m² of which is in the city center. And for the city of the future it is necessary to use it. In 2017, approximately 40,000 people live in the center of Rotterdam – but in 2030, this is expected to be around 60,000. More and more empty spaces in the center are being built up to offer shelter to everyone. The functions that will disappear at street level should be given a place on the roofs. For example, rainwater is collected and energy is generated, but roof gardens are also laid and homes and rooftop bars are made. In recent years, many wonderful initiatives for roof use have already been realized, such as the pioneering DakAkker on the Schieblock, a cocktail bar on the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw, and the new Luchtpark on the roof of the Hofbogen. With the Dakenroute, Esther Wienese, author of Het Rotterdamse Dakenboek, takes you along a number of literal highlights in the city. Where possible you go up on the roof.

This route was made possible in part by financial contributions from the Inner City Bureau of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals, Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Board, Thornico Building, Zoontjens and Hofbogen B.V. Do you want Esther Wienese personally as a guide? Then book the Rotterdam Roof Tour via Inside Rotterdam.

Esther Wienese

Schrijfster en auteur van Het Rotterdamse Dakenboek

5 KM
90 min

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