Mayor Route now also available in Chinese

Rotterdam has a large Chinese community and the port city also attracts more Chinese tourists every year. To show them the most beautiful places in the city, Rotterdam Routes now also offers routes in Chinese.

The Netherlands is a popular destination for Chinese tourists. In the past year, 300,000 Chinese spent a holiday in our country. For Rotterdam this is even the fastest growing group of tourists. An important tourist attraction is the West Kruiskade, or “Chinatown”. It forms the basis of the large and close-knit Chinese community in Rotterdam, with numerous Chinese supermarkets, gift shops and restaurants.

More than enough reasons for Rotterdam Routes to translate some of the routes to Mandarin. First it is the turn of the Burgemeesterroute. This route takes you through all the favorite places of Mayor Aboutaleb.

On February 6th, during the kick-off of the Chinese New Year in the Wijkpark Oude Westen, the mayor himself launched the Chinese route. . More routes will follow in Chinese in the course of 2016.